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Radon Test Kits - What Are They?


With radon gas present, it proves to be a big health hazard, which is why it has to be removed as soon as it is detected. This gas in fact doesn't have a color and doesn't give off any smell, which makes it hard to detect unless there's a detector or there are radon test kits used that shows the presence of the gas in your home and will allow you to take action.


The best way in detecting radon is through the use of different kinds of test kits which are inexpensive and can be used in your home in order to detect radon gas. This is why it's useful to understand the various choices that are present as far as these test kits go.


In most cases, radon gas will creep into a building through cracks in a foundation or from gaps to which may occur near pipes, wiring or perhaps at drains and through private water wells. The radon test kits are considered to be an inexpensive form of testing for radon levels in a building and they could help in testing the air in a building or in detecting the gas presence in waters from a private well which are usually used in homes.


You should get a sample of the well water and to also do what the instructions are placed in these test kits from takeactiononradon.com. You should send a sample to a laboratory where this could be tested and the results are going to be mailed or emailed to you.


There are also soil test kits which are available in two types that are short term and long-term radon test kits and is also recommended that you run for at least two short terms tests in the building.


Short-term radon gas testing mostly lasts for about two to four days and this form of testing will help in estimating how much gas is present in the building. Also, short-term testing could be canister based or is charcoal based with the former being cheaper but not that accurate.


Long-term tests on the other hand usually lasts for about three months and are considered to be more accurate and they also consider radon gas level fluctuations. For more facts and information regarding radon test kits, you can go tohttp://www.ehow.com/how_17960_test-home-radon.html.


Before you purchase a radon gas test kit, you should get assurance that the cost of laboratory testing will be included in the price and also get assurance if the costs of shipping of samples to the laboratory will be included with the price.