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Information You Must Know Prior to Buying a Radon Test Kit


Radon is considered to be the primary cause of lung cancer in America, next to smoking. Based on the records of the Environmental Protection Agency, it is responsible for around 21,000 deaths yearly. There's no symptom after an overexposure to radon. That means you're not going to get a warning that you're soon to be inflicted with a radon-caused ailment. But when you are overexposed, there goes the undesirable effect and you'll find no treatment. In order to prevent the harm caused by it, detection is the key. With a radon test kit, it becomes easier and cheaper to deal with this element and give your family due protection.


Knowing the Risk


The level of radon in your environment depends largely on your kind of home, community and country. Some places have low levels of radon and there are some that have high. The only way by which you can accurately determine the level of radon present in your environment is to do a radon testing. At other times, radon levels increases or decreases over time which is why a regular radon testing is also highly advised. This is particularly true when you have done structural renovations in your home with a specific span of time. In this case, you'll have to retest. You can also learn more about radon test kits by checking out the post at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5I9yihiDyYE.


How to Choose a Radon Test Kit


Radon mitigation kits come in some variety, with differing powers and capabilities. However, working with a professional can help you pinpoint the best system for you. According to the EPA, systems for radon-removal may cut the level to 2 pCi/L or much lower. The cost can also range in between 800 to 2,500 dollars. In average, that would be 1,200 dollars. To find a pro, you may reach out to your state radon office. They will give you a quality recommendation.


Difference Between Radon Test Kits


As said, radon-test kits are not equal. Some will be more functional because they provide more accurate results. In addition to that, the radon level present in your place can fluctuate day after day. So, this calls for the sampling to be done within a span of 90 days or beyond. This will give you a more reliable information of your home's radon level in a longer span of time. However, if you demand for a quick testing, you can purchase a quality and advanced radon testing kit, one that is recommended by the EPA. However, you will still need to do a retest later in time to confirm the results. Visit the TAOR site for more information.